Why the Affiliate Marketing Program Top Money Making Guide Is Right here!

The Affiliate Marketing Program Top Guide that we speak of is Ken Envoy's 6th Pillar Program.

The 6th Pillar program gives you the training you need to become successful in Affiliate Marketing regardless of what affiliate program you choose to start off with.Here are some of the benefits of this program:Affiliate Marketing Program Top

1) You are given Simple, easy to follow instructions, that produces MASSIVE Results

Most affiliate guides do just that...guide you.

They tell you how you must do something or what is recommended, but not the exact steps you do to get results fast.

Now you know what to do and how to get it done as well.

2) You are given the opportunity to be an Affiliate for Site Build It and make commissions while you learn!

Hey you are being taught the best way to do affiliate marketing, so why not use the awesome program SBI has as while you are learning the ropes!

This Affiliate Program has many benefits within itself:

$75 Commission on every Sale and every recurring Sale Forever!

Everyone that buys SBI ends up building additional SBI sites that you get commissions on as well! With such a great tool, who can resist?

Lifetime Cookies

Meaning once someone clicks your link they are yours no matter when they decide to buy!

Anyone who registers through you also becomes part of your Tier 2 team!

With you being a team member you make 25% of all of your teams earnings as well!

So if your team makes $10,000 in commissions in a month you earn a tidy $2,500 bonus!

A Critical Differentiating Point...

Lifetime and 2nd tier commissions are not offered by most affiliate programs. Heck, even the basic commission is often not "really" offered. The cookie is so short, the terms so tricky, that you often don't get paid when you make a sale or the commission is greatly reduced.

A great support forum

Allowing you to meet successful Affiliates and the tricks they use to earn as well!

Plus much more!Affiliate Marketing Program Top

For More Info on SBI's Affiliate Program... Click Here.

Wow! I went so much into their affiliate program that I kinda lost track...where was I...

Oh yes! So Solo Build It's affiliate program is another awesome tool to utilize (make money with), that goes hand-in-hand- with their guide to affiliate marketing.

And the best part is all of this is 100% FREE!

So there is really nothing at all to loose.

Gain the experience and make the money in Affiliate Marketing that you are destined to make.

Click The Link Below and follow each action step in the guide and you will be on your way in no time!

Ken Envoy's 6th Pillar Affiliate Marketing Guide

Congratulations on becoming an successful Affiliate Marketer!

We just want to be the first to say it after you finish the course:)

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