Google Keyword Sets

Google Sets

Name:Google Keyword Sets

Authors/Creators: Simon Tong and Jeff Dean

Website URL:

Company Name: Google

Overview: Google Sets is a tool developed by Google that is an absolute must for internet marketers. It,"automatically creates sets of items from a few examples”.

Many people have a problem finding keywords or words that are related to their sites. This tool solves this problem by allowing the user to type in any word or phrase and a list is populated with top results.

Google Sets does not only give a list of related which words, which is essential for any online business, but can narrow the lists down.

Google Sets,

*saves time

*shows related keywords

*predicts other items in the set

*shows items that co-occur

Google Sets makes searching for keywords much easier and ensures successful sites because all possible keywords are given.


“Google Sets is a great tool to find semantically related keywords to use in your text for purposes of phrase-based IR.”

- - SEO pro

“A useful tool. For example, I forgot the appropriate word in English for a line that is "smooth" as opposed to "dashed" or "dotted".

So I entered the words "dashed" and "dotted", and I got what I was looking for: ‘solid’.”

- - Google Sets user

“Interesting keyword tool for SEO... gives related terms to any inquiries”

- - customer review of Google Sets

Google Keyword Sets is a tool we recommend using when you feel you are fresh out of keywords and need something different in your niche.

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