Affiliate Forum

This section is to provide you with a great source of Affiliate Forums out there to get involved and a part of the affiliate marketing community!

We mention here in our tips and tools section that its always good to be around like-minded people and to learn from them. Forums help us out with that and much more!

As usual this is just a start up list. As more forums become available and open, with great content, we will make sure to add them to this list. We're hoping that these forums see the great work we are doing and they link back to us!

If there's a new forum around or one we simply don't know about, feel free to use our "Contact Us" tab and give us the scoop about it! Thanks for reading and enjoy! is where most affiliates start out at or first learn about, so its safe to mention them up-front. They provide great topics and even have a section for you to advertise your programs and see others in the process. They also have an affiliate program that you can check out!

Warrior Forum

Warrior Forum is an awesome forum that provides you with an excellent source of content for almost everything involved with making money online. There's no room for spam or cheap info on this page, as their rules are pretty strict, that what gives them the killer content on their forum.

The Fast Lane To Millions

This forum is geared towards any type of financial vehicles used to achieve financial freedom! What we love about this forum is how they keep the latest posts right at the top and the forum just seems really big!

From real estate to stocks, bonds and mutual funds, this forums carries those topics as well as successful stories of those who are financially free!

For those who are looking to be super affiliates and are building their own website, SitePoint's forum is all for it! They are specifically geared towards webpage and website building! It can get pretty technical on this forum so you may want to build your internet savvy before heading to this forum!

Digital Point

Digital Point is a forum similar to Ewealth. Its geared towards search engines, marketing, business, design, developing, products, tools and basically the digital side of things. Not a bad forum to pick up some new info from!

5 Star Affiliate Programs

Another great forum running towards affiliate marketing. They carry a news section for their site and a section for program managers to place their latest and greatest affiliate programs, making them available to us marketers from the start and not from another affiliate.

This link takes you to the site where you'll need to log in as a member. Its free and its a site geared towards Financial freedom by any means necessary.

We like this site because of the books that Robert Kiyosaki put out as well as the questions that are asked on this forum are from people who are fairly fresh to the world of finance.In other words you have a sure chance of being a professional in this department.

This is what we have for now. Please return here often for updates and don't forget about us while your out on those forums...spread the word about the awesome site that lead you to them!