Affiliate 101:

The Affiliate Marketing Basics

Welcome to Affiliate 101 where you can learn the basics to affiliate marketing! Many people on forums ask these types of questions, and they always tend to mention that they are new. So we built this section to get those types of questions answered for those brave new people who are starting out.

This should take away the need of having to pay to learn about how affiliate marketing works. We also believe that you shouldn't have to wait for a reply in a forum, when its the only question stopping you from getting the ball rolling right now!

Hopefully you will see the great benefits in Affiliate Marketing and you will start with a better understanding of this opportunity.

When you feel you have understood the basics, Get into our step by step program for a free and great affiliate program you will love. Follow the steps it gives you and you will be successful.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing? How Do Affiliate Programs Work? What is RSS?

Affiliate Marketing Benefits Affiliate Marketing Scams What is Social Media?

The FourTypes Of Affiliate Programs

Pay Per Click Basics Pay Per Sale Basics Pay Per Lead Basics

Pay Per Call Basics

Our Step-By-Step Guide

If you feel there is a subject we should add to this section, please use our "Contact Us" tab and keep us informed on how we can make this the best Affiliate help site ever!

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