Google Keyword Tool


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Version:First Edition

Overview:The Google Keyword Tool is perfect for marketers who are unsure of words to use for their specific website.

Choosing the right keywords is crucial for a successful site because if your site is not specific enough, it will be overlooked.

This site also allows you to see if your page is being properly optimized so as to ensure the success of your site.

The tools provides the user with amazing features such as,

*advertiser competition

*search volume for the previous month

*average search volume

All of these features work to let you know how popular the keywords are and if they will yield large profits.

One of the best things about Google Keyword Tool is you are able to see all the other sites which contain the same keywords.


“I just tried out the Google Keyword Tool and am very excited about finally knowing a way to easily check how much traffic individual keywords get per month”.

- - actual user

“I’ve used several (free) tools, but that of Google should enough to forget those (less accurate) tools.”

- -satisfied user

“This is great. Thats just the information i was searching for a long time using different sites and services that always brought very unreliable results.

Now the “mother of all search machines” gives really reliable data. At last!”

- - frequent user

The Google Keyword Tool allows the user to create their sites with a certainty that they will succeed. This tool shows marketers exactly what they need to succeed.

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