Author: Aaron Wall

Website URL:

Company Name: SEO Book

Version: Has been updated over 50 times!

Overview:SEO Book is a website and great book that allows any marketer to improve their traffic as well as their site rankings by giving secrets of the most successful SEO marketers.

Over 100 training modules are explained step by step in order to optimize your online business.

The tips provided in this book/site allow for users to have their websites recognized by customers as well as search engines.

The SEO Book provides the user with,

*an exclusive interactive community forum

*members only videos and tools

*additional bonuses - like data spreadsheets, and money saving tips

*free SEO tools

All of these tools work together to teach you how to reach high ranks on search engines and get your website noticed.


“Aaron Wall’s SEO Book is the best guide I have found for getting serious web visibility.”

- - respected professor at the University of Pennsylvania

“I thought SEO was some mysterious thing before reading the book. It's amazing what simple tweaks can boost traffic to your site. It makes a great reference for building any site from scratch or established site.”

- - SEO Book user

“When I first got Aaron's SEO Book, I said after reading it that it was the best SEO book on the market, and I still believe so”

- - SEO Book customer

Start improving your website today with secrets that can only be found in the

SEO Book!

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