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Version: Wired 2000

Overview: Said to be “one of the best and most intuitive”, Submit Corner allows businesses to reach the top of search engines by teaching methods that only experts have access to.

If customers cannot find your site, how can you make money? With Submit Corner, sites can be scanned before they are put on the search engines to optimize results.

With their guides and tools unique to Submit Corner, users can reach the top of search engines with ease. Submit Corner includes tools such as,

*reviews of the most popular submission and optimization products

*word tracker service

*search engine guides

*site improvement guides

All of these tools are some of “the most powerful search engine keyword research tools available on the internet”. These tools work together to create one of the best submissions site.


"I just wanted to tell you guys, thanks for the great service. My site's traffic has grown over 1000%"

- - T Campbell, Submit Corner customer

"I never realized your service was THAT good. Well it looks like I’m going to have to sign up for a full year as now my trial is over I feel like I've lost a limb! Well done."

- - Steve James from global-positioning

"A very useful service. I shall certainly be using for other sites I am working on."

- - Phil Gryce from globalnet

Submit Corner Keyword Tool provide something that is definitely worth looking into for expanding your website building expertise.

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