Blog Comment Demon:
The Hottest Way To Get One-Way Links

If you are in the habit of setting up websites, then praying that you've got enough search engine optimization to attain high page rank, stop wishing on stars. In order to get your sites indexed and receive search engine favor, you need to acquire hundreds of incoming, themed links to your websites. It is just that simple, and it also just that hard.

Everybody and their brother are throwing up websites nowadays, and just because yours are out there, looking nice with products to sell, makes little to no difference. In order to get above the swell and receive the attention from the search engine spiders, you need to do something different.

In days gone by, it was possible to set up a couple websites, put some unique content on it and you would get indexed and receive a high page rank. If your content was interesting enough, you would receive a few inbound links. You could also contact other like-minded webmasters with similar sites to yours and they might trade links called reciprocal linking.

Well, those days are over.

With a fair amount of incoming links, it is still difficult to get the attention of the search engine spiders. And if they notice you, they might put your site listing on page 3,455 for the keyword you optimized your pages for. Now how many people do you know who will click through 3,454 pages to get to your website. None? Then you need to do something different.

The definition of insanity/stupidity is doing the same thing over and over knowing you will receive the same result. It is time to change what you are doing.

Enter the next phase of grabbing your share of incoming links in a way that doesn't piss off the Internet community.

Blog commenting. Blog commenting is perhaps one of two easy ways to get incoming links to your site. It is fast, easy and fun and if done correctly, you will be able to build up a ton of backlinking with a minimum of effort on your part. Up until now, finding sites that were similarly themed to yours, finding a post, making a comment and a link back to your site was time consuming.

Blog Comment Demon

Blog Comment Demon has made it a whole lot easier. With the ability to comment across 11 different platforms including:

- Wordpress


- Blogspot

- TextPattern

- Nucleus

- b2evolution

- BlogDrive

- Drupal

- ExpressionEngine

- Typepad

- Livejournal

I have used the software with some success. To be perfectly honest with you, in a couple areas like giving accurate Pagerank, it is not 100%. I have to assume that this is because Google has been changing around their algorithm. But, don't quote me.

Where Blog Comment Demon shines is in its ability to look at the blog prior to commenting on it makes all the difference. It is semi-automated which is a real step up, but it isn't so automated as to make it spammy.

It finds themed blogs which means they are about exactly what you're blog is about. If you have a site about legal forms and type it into the keyword box, it will return hundreds of sites that are about that. You won't get back sites about hamburgers or french fries. This means that you will be commenting on something you know and care about.

Blog Comment Demon is a powerful little piece of software. It will get your site indexed and help it gain page rank. It is not spam, and it will drive spiders to you which equates to long term traffic from all of the search engines.