Google Trends

Google Trends

Name: Google Trends

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Version:First Edition

Overview:This unique tool is basically the lifeline for internet marketers. When creating a successful site, it is important that you know the keywords that are most commonly searched for as well as how they compare to other keywords.

This tool offers several charts that will help you determine the success of keywords and if they are worth building your site around.

After typing in your keywords, the user is shown,

*popularity of search terms

*how many times the phrase has been searched over the past 5 years

*the day’s most popular search terms

*how one keyword compares to another

Making these judgments can be completely impossible without the use of these statistics. The information found here is easily displayed in the form of graphs and charts.


“As an overall web analytics fan, I’m always happy to see new sources of data, especially in the public website traffic field where the tools out there are all trying hard but still don’t quite deliver the goods”.

- - Successful Affiliate Marketer

“This is a great tool to find and compare keyword search volume. It allows you to compare up to 5 keywords at the time”!

- - Satisfied user

“This website is an affiliate marketers friend for sure”.

- - Professional internet marketer

Google Trends is a fast and fun way to see how search words compare to one another and can help you build successful sites with just a little research.

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