Affiliate Tools:
The Programs

This section of the Affiliate Tools is dedicated to the programs that can be used to help you in your quest to becoming a great affiliate marketer.

These programs aren't exactly necessary for success in affiliate marketing, but they do help make the journey more fun and much easier than expected. Not only that, but these programs provide us what we need to reach that next level and to take steps above being the average affiliate marketer.

If you happen to find any other resources that provides us with help,or anything you want to mention about this section please speak your mind by using our "Contact Us" form.

FreeSerif Software - A great website that gives away several free programs including programs for customizing photos, websites and even making 3D animations! This site is a definite must see! More Info...

Good Keywords - A site offering free keyword tools and programs for your PC.

Give Away Of The Day - This site offers free programs and tools that can help with almost anything you may want to do with a video or fix on your computer. We found this site when we couldn’t get our pictures uploaded to our site because the extension was .JPG instead of .jpg. Check back to this site often because new items are being added all the time!

Free Directory Submitter - Anyone who has a website is always trying to find some tool that can automate this process. Well this one turns every thing into simple clicks. Check out their video to see how its done.

Open Office Software Suite - provides a "Microsoft office type" program which is the leading open-source office software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases and more. It is available in many languages and works on all common computers.

We found it while trying to find a way to take our sales pages and covert them into PDFs for free...and this does just that and more!

Affiliate ID Manager - Finally, a FREE Software That Manages All Your Affiliate IDs, Passwords and URLs. This rolls everything into one, making it a cinch! Did we mention that this was free?

Camstudio's Screen Recording Software - If you are about to make How-To videos for your visitors (like us), then we suggest this free screen recorder by Camstudio. Its definitely worth a try since its Free and it does just about everything the similar $300 programs offers.