Authors:Andy and Mike Mindel

Website URL:www.wordtracker.com/

Version: Second Edition

Overview:Part of being successful on the internet is learning to provide content that is rich in keywords.

Novice marketers may not know which phrases or keywords are best but, this service works to help identify keywords for specific business as well as give the competing sites for those search terms.

Furthermore, it allows the user to,

*optimize your website content

*generate thousands of keywords*research online markets

This tool is extremely easy to use and provides tips to ensure a successful site by showing how many times certain phrases are searched for.


“I review dozens of optimization tools every month and this is one of the best I have seen yet. No search engine optimization specialist should be without this service."

- - actual user

"If you are serious about search engine optimization, then this is an essential investment, a must have resource for any search engine marketing professional.

It combines both a respectable search term database with tools that make mining the information easy."

- - satisfied customer

"Simply Stunning! I never realised your service was THAT good. Well it looks like i'm going to have to sign up for a full year as now my trial is over I feel like I've lost a limb! Well done."

- - from global- positioning

Wordtracker is the perfect tool for anyone looking to enhance their on-line business and become successful almost instantly!

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