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Part One: The Main Formula Great Affiliates Use

Hello fellow affiliates and welcome to another great article on Affiliate Income Learn marketing secrets.

This will be a mini-series of articles that will show you the true secrets on how the best affiliates make money online and leave the other 90% who are earning less than $100 a month.

But before we get into the actual step by step strategies that will grab you this great income, let’s look at the ultimate formula that the great affiliate marketer uses to become successful. Ready here it is…

Affiliate Income Learn Marketing Secrets Main Focus Today...Content, Traffic, PRESell, Monetize!

This is also commonly referred to as CTPM!This is the formula for creating great affiliate income!

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It makes sense once you think about it, so let’s look further into this marketing strategy.

Just like how you found this article, people use the Net as a searching tool.

They search for credible high-value information on everything from solutions for solving a problem to getting wishes granted.

Surfers, for the most part, don’t know who or what can provide what they are seeking, they just want to find a trustworthy someone that can make it happen.

For those of us who need numbers and facts....

An interesting paper out of Penn State, showed how almost all queries to Search Engines can be broken down into three categories... informational, navigational or transactional searching. They defined these as follows....

"Informational searching involves looking for a specific fact or topic.

Navigational searching seeks to locate a specific Web site.

Transactional searching looks for information related to buying a particular product or service."

They analyzed more than 1.5 million queries from hundreds of thousands of search engines users. What did they find?

80 percent of queries are informational.

10 percent are for navigational purposes.

10 percent are transactional.

Here's the article providing this info and more!

So why can’t I just present my affiliate product with banners and ads?

You can. And most do. One major downside to that is you have to find the right traffic, instead of allowing the traffic to find you.

And even then...only 10% of that traffic are looking to buy!Remember!

Most people who are looking for info are not looking to buy something. Their minds are closed and are only looking for the information they are seeking.

So all of those awesome banners, video clips and flash buttons for products people are trying to sell, hardly ever get clicked.

In fact, if you have these at the top of your site, the visitor will automatically feel that they are being pitched a sale and will click out of your website…even if you have the info they need!

You won’t be trusted and they will expect scam to come out of your website.

The only ones who can truly do this are big companies like, and who have a brand name that brings them their great traffic.

We don't have big names like that(not yet anyhow). So the Content must be first, it doesn't work for us any other way.Here's another way to look at it...

When you go to your favorite search engine, type in the search box, "Affiliate Income Learn Marketing Secrets".

Many other articles, websites, blogs carry these same keywords. The difference is that these sites either carry content that you already know. Its not unique and original.

Or they are trying to pitch a sale using banners and ads to grab attention.While they are making a few dollars, here and there, it wont keep a constant stream of income, that a business should carry!

And this is what we want you to have, a constant stream of affiliate income!

So let’s wrap up Part one of Affiliate Income Learn Marketing Secrets...

Affiliate Income Learn Marketing Secrets Main Focus Today...Content, Traffic, PRESell, Monetize!


Web users search for information, for solutions. They are not looking for you - they don't know you (yet!). They seek what you know. Give it to them. Convert your knowledge into in-demand Content. To succeed online, start where they start - at "the search."


Your topical content ranks high at the Search Engines (ex., Google, Yahoo!, MSN), attracting free, targeted (i.e., interested), open-to-you visitors. Basically, these future customers "meet you" at your site. These visitors are known as "Traffic."


Complete strangers develop trust and confidence in you. Why? You "Presell" by OVERdelivering what they seek... relevant, original, information.

Deliver it in your own way, in your own style. Go beyond merely instilling confidence... your visitors will like you.


Convert warm, willing-to-buy ("PREsold") visitors into income. Called "Monetizing," this is the easy part. But "M" cannot happen if you fail to first execute C T P. This is where 99% of small businesses fail.

Awesome! I hope you have taken something from this article!

In Part two of Affiliate Income Learn Marketing Secrets, we will utilize a great way to make content that will put your website on in the #1 spot on Google for that keyword in less than 2 hours! This will bring the crazy traffic you need that will be presold, so you can monetize!

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