Affiliate Marketing Scams

Welcome to another interesting Affiliate 101 article...this one being about Affiliate Marketing Scams!

We here at PartnerAffiliate strive to bring you great advice, tips and tools on affiliate marketing. With that being said, not every tip will be about something positive, and here's our first and major example.

Since affiliate marketing became popular people have found ways of manipulating and cheating the system. We will go over a few signs of a scam as well as how to avoid falling into these traps altogether!

****Note that the affiliate programs we recommend here on this site have been thoroughly reviewed, tried and are proven to not be scams, so you don't have to worry about that with the ones you check out here!***

Something An Affiliate Program Must Have

All true Affiliate Programs are offering some kind of product or service. If not then what would they really need affiliates for? If you're brand new to affiliate marketing, you want to be an affiliate for a specific niche or hobby you like. Whether its shoes, video games, pets or what have you, there's an affiliate program for it!

So if they don't have a product or service but want you to join, it may be a pyramid scheme or just a way to receive email addresses to give to send out more spam to you. Many companies also have affiliate programs where affiliate marketers sell your info to other companies that pay per lead.

Tip #1: Keep Away From Affiliate Programs Not Offering a Product or Service

Can You See Whats Being Offered?

If you are looking for an affiliate program online, the company you're researching should have a website advertising the product or service. If you are offline, the company should have a store where they do business...even if its at their house! Consumers who are truly interested in whats being offered, would definitely want to see what their purchasing...and see it in action if it possible!

Without a website, physical store or brochure to show off, how is the company supposed to make it big anyhow? All good affiliate programs have professional webpages and stores to attract customers to their products and services.If you found one that has nothing mentioned above, congrats on finding a great affiliate marketing scam.

Tip #2: The affiliate Program you join must have a website or storefront for customers to go to.

Affiliate Marketing Help

Help Over Here At Aisle 3!

Ok so you found the website, and the product looks decent. The affiliate programs looks a little shaky though...

- How often do you get paid?

- How are you allowed to advertise?

- How do you get a hold of the Support Center?

Thats right. You have a tone of questions, but no Affiliate support center. We aren't talking about the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), even though the questions listed above are frequently asked. What happens if they forget to pay you on your first month that your eligible for pay? What happens if the product doesn't download properly? If you cant get a hold of the affiliate program manager through a 1-800 number, or email because one isn't available....keep away.

Also if they have one or more of these options and they don't respond, you may want to try a similar program, with another company. You deserve to get the best help they can give you since you are a part of their team and helping bring in the customers.

Tip #3: No Affiliate Program Help Center, don't bother working with them.

It Costs How Much!?!?!?!?

If it costs anything, you are looking at an affiliate marketing scam. True Affiliate Programs want as many affiliates as they can to go out and advertise the company's product or service. Charging to be an affiliate would defeat that purpose. They can make soo much more allowing you to join for free!

Tip #4: Don't Pay to be an Affiliate!

Have You Ever Heard Of These Guys?

You haven't heard a thing about them except for what their website says....but it looks like has the best affiliate program yet! 300% commission, 5 tier program, pays cash to your doorstep, seems a little too good huh?

Do a search online and see what you find on the company. Once you've done a Google or other major engine search, check your favorite affiliate forums. These guys are in affiliate info all the time and someone on the forum should mention the program, if its been out for a little while.

See if someone has any testimonials or knows their track record. If no one is praising the program, you may wanna back down from it. You may also wanna back down if no one is praising it because it doesn't have a great track record to begin with.

Tip #5: Check outside of the website for positive testimonials and track record of the program.

Using these 5 tips and a little common sense will keep you away from Affiliate Marketing Scams! This wraps up our article on Affiliate Marketing Scam.

For those who have been following our guide along this tour, this is the end of it as far as the basics go.

Its up to you now to see if you are ready to start affiliate marketing. The rest of our site is the tricks, tips and additional info needed to excel in affiliate marketing.

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Good luck and the best of success on your journey on which ever path you choose and remember to keep checking back here for more updates!

This concludes our article on Affiliate Marketing Scams!

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