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Affiliate Marketing Secrets

Welcome Fellow Affiliates to our Affiliate Marketing Secret article!

Great Affiliate success comes to those who understand the name of the game, and play it well! Why do they play it well, because they love the game, make it a habit and take pride in their success. Here at we will uncover these simple techniques and strategies so you can be on your way to Affiliate Marketing stardom!

All of these arent mandatory and may not be for you. Choose what you like and add it to your recipe of greatness! These aren’t in any order So lets get unravel 7 affiliate marketing secrets to success!

Secret #1

One of the biggest things that you will want to do that will keep traffic roaring at you is to over deliver you content. By content we mean information. For example if someone is looking for basketball shoes online and come to your website, your “shoe” page can be about your test trial of various basketball shoes.

From this you can go into which shoes you believe “stand out from the rest” by giving them your personal recommendation. And the shoes you mention will have links to your shoes for the customer to buy. And Shazam! You're making money! Why…because you're providing the traffic with more than just pics of shoes and a shopping cart. You're providing the history, statistics, stories and performance of those Iverson’s and now gets the customer playin ball in your court instead of the competitions!

Secret #1: Over-deliver content and information to your audience!

Secret #2

Since we are on the subject of over delivering Its safe to mention that no one will find your great content filled pages if the headlines don’t grab the traffics attention! The headlines are the links to pages that they see after they put in keywords on in a search engine. If your page isn’t grabbing people’s attention, then you wont get the click to get to the awesome content you have.

Secret #2:Create Attention Grabbing Headlines To Get The Click!

Secret #3

Instead of keeping all of your info at your main site…why not use the articles you’ve written and submit them to article resource sites?

That way you can grow a bigger audience, build popularity for your site with additional pages that are linking back to your main site!, and are a few places to get started. This is called social marketing and is a great way to build exposure really fast.

Go to our site to see all of the best article and blog sites out there so you can get posted. By the way, don’t forget to post a link to your affiliate products in the resource box, so people can rush their after reading your blog.

Secret #3:Post content from your webpages as articles to various article and blog sites to build incoming links!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #4

Trial and Error plays a big role in affiliate marketing. You have to keep trying new headlines, new keywords, new ways to get your point across.

We’re not saying to change your keywords every week, but do research and see if they keywords you choose are bringing in the traffic, see what the competition uses and if something similar can work for you.

Our site has many free tools to find different keywords, misspelled words, synonyms, and even an emotional headline rater, to see the emotions you bring out of traffic that sees your page. See if you can improve the traffic you're getting.

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes as long as you are learning and growing from them.

Secret #4:Practice trial and error techniques to ensure you are using the best approach for your affiliate products!

Secret #5

Develop a Squeeze page. A squeeze page is where your traffic goes to opt in to your information. Its normally the first page someone sees, but not everyone will enter your site through the front door. However, the ones that do can opt in to your free info, or receive your free gift, and then become a part of your e-mail campaigns.

This campaign should always contain great content as well as text links to some of your affiliate products. We have a free squeeze page generator in our website tools section to help get you started in this area that also send auto responders to your newest subscribers.

Secret #5:Create a Squeeze Page, and use that email list to start a campaign that mixes free info with your products!

Secret #6

If you’re going to see affiliate products, why not make money from the traffic you're selling the product to?

2-Tier and 3-tier programs are a definite must for reaching the top in affiliate marketing. Not only do you get the sale but mention in some articles on how they can make money as well!

This way your helping others make money and the program that allows this normally pays you a percentage of everyone’s commission who signs up under you. This is residual cashflow at its best!

Secret #6: Join 2-Tier Affiliate Programs and advertise both the product and the program!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #7

Join other Affiliate Marketers by taking part in forums. You’ll be surprised how much you learn by going to forums and learning around like-minded people.

You see those who spam the forum, those who put up valuable content, those who put up debates and many others. If you look at these types of threads in only this way, your only seeing half of the picture. For example…

For those who only show up to post affiliate products, you probably believe they are just causing drama in the forum. But also notice what they use for their headline and how many clicks its received. Do you want to click it? If you have a product similar to this thread, and it has over 300 clicks in five minutes, this may be a headline you may want to look at and see how you can get it to work for you.

Another example would be people who post a question that leads to a great long thread. This may be of concern to affiliate marketers especially if there is more than one answer and even better if you know of an answer!

Reply to these to get your link in the forum and become a expert in that area. People will love you for it, you’ll make new friends and new doors will open.

This also may be such a question that you can build an article out of that can bring traffic!

These examples are what we mean by seeing the whole picture. Once you start looking at things this way, Affiliate marketing will be that much easier and fun!

Secret #7:Get involved in forums to learn and grow from other affiliate marketers!Affiliate Marketing Secret

I know we said that these are the seven secrets to Affiliate Marketing and we should be finished by now…but we aren’t even close! Just like our first secret, we must over deliver! So here are a few more secrets to being successful!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #8

Let’s say that you did all the research you can on your product and your getting booming traffic, incredible sales and life couldn’t be better…or could it?

If there’s a program that is very similar to yours and can use the same keywords, maybe a similar headline, then why not duplicate your first program and make even more!

You tried it already and it works, the benefit of this is that maybe not everyone likes that one product you have. Well this similar product may have those different qualities or extra benefits that will get your traffic jumping into your new product!

Secret #8: Duplicate you great success through similar affiliate programs!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #9

Exhaust all of your possible keywords. Use all of them up. For example when you type in your keyword tool “cats” you may get “cat food” as one of your keywords.

Once you have that, place “cat food” in your keywords tool and see what results you get back from that! Repeat this process until all of your keywords for your main keyword have been found, and your back to your original keyword.

You’ll be surprised how many 4 and 5 keyword niches people type in on the search engines.

Secret #9: Use every keyword imaginable for your niche to your disposal!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #10

Become a part of affiliate networks. for example, is the number one leader in affiliate products and offers many programs that go up to 75% commission. is a great place for many new affiliate marketers to start at. At our site, under Affiliate Networks, we will show you some of the best affiliate networks on the web and how you can be a part of them.

Secret #10: Join Affiliate Networks for even better commission payouts!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #11

Market products that sell easily online, such as download-able programs, ebooks and subscriptions.

This allows you to make money without having to deal with crazy customer service issues or complaints and allows the customer to get what they asked for immediately.

Secret #11: Present Affiliate products that are 1 click away for customer access after sale!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #12

If you really plan on being the best through a simple webpage, you’re in for a long and underpaid journey. You need a website, preferable a .com website that focuses on your niche. This allows you to build multiple pages for all of that great content you’ve been making and placing in the different blog sites.

Secret #12: Build a website for your affiliate programs, and build many content filled pages for it!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #13

Once you have 20 or so articles created, see if you can build an RSS. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. People who come to your site, sign up for your RSS and get informed about any new changes to your site.

It’s a new way of subscribing to your website! You also want to submit your RSS to all of the search engines, so people who don’t even know of your site will become familiar soon enough!

Secret #13:Get your site known on the web through the power of RSS!Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #14

And last but not least check out this awesome website that carries even more great tools, programs, and information at Keep up with these techniques and strategies and you’ll be a successful affiliate marketer! Thanks for reading! Affiliate Marketing Secret

Secret #14:Keep up to date with the best Affiliate Websites on the Web today!

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