Good Keywords

Good Keywords

Name: Good Keywords

Website URL:

Company Name: Softnik Technologies

Version: 2

Overview: Finding great keywords is a crucial part of any successful website. However, the actual process of finding the right keywords can be very time consuming.

Altogether, you can find all relevant keywords and optimize your web pages. This program comes with many tools such as,

*site and link popularity meter

*keyword phrase builder

*misspelled word generator

*web page explorer

“This package makes it all very simple, fast and straightforward”.

Although you could do this on your own, the software takes minutes to download and is absolutely free!


“I looked at other sites and noted their traffic, using a free software package from That software enabled me to look at my competition and measure the popularity of their sites.”

- - Richard Haberkern

“I'm not easily impressed with promotion software, but this one's a keeper.”

- - Danny Sullivan

“This free software is my crystal ball into the world of desirable online products. It queries a number of popular search engines and in many cases it will tell me exactly what I should be selling online”

- - Scot Dantzer

Good Keywords is a free keyword program that once installed on your computer, can point you to the right keywords to market and advertise with.

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