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Welcome to our Affiliate Directory on Internet Dating. We have searched, digged, crawled scratched and clawed around for the best internet dating programs on the web today!

These have been tried, tested and have proved to be the best programs that gives affiliates the most buck for their bang!

*Remember all of the affiliate programs we recommend are free to sign up for unless otherwise noted in our review.*

Internet Dating Affiliate Program #1

Ways To Get Paid:

Internet Dating Affiliate Program Option 1 Internet Dating Affiliate Program Option 2 Internet Dating Affiliate Program Option 3

We like this first program because it offers, several ways to get paid: Pay per click, pay per sale, residual income for subscribers and....

Internet Dating Affiliate Program Two Tier

Its a Two Tier program that allows you to keep making money from those who sign up through you!

Payout Methods

This program pays out twice a month via check. The minimum payout for this program is $50.

Back Office and Support

This program carries one of the best back offices you would need for an affiliate program! We'll provide a brief list of promotional tools:

- Customizable Banners, videos, and pictures for your advertising pleasure

- Landing Pages...that have them for specific genders, location, race, adult content/no adult content, language and size of landing page!

- Create Sub Id's for each page of their site! This allows you to send your traffic to specific pages and also track who's going to what pages!

- Pop-under Site Option! This allows people who click your link to receive a pop under of another page on their site...Who wouldn't use this option to receive more commissions via pay per click?

- Choose the language you want your traffic to see!

- And of course the text links needed to refer traffic to your site!

The back office also shows your stats for each option of pay...(since you get paid for all three at once!)

Also the FAQ section carries all of the other various questions you may have about the program, including the number to the program manager your representing!

The Affiliate Home Page

This concludes our review of this Affiliate Program, if you are interested in learning more about it...the affiliate page below will tell you more about the program and how to get signed up.

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This Just In!

We have found 2 more Affiliate Programs that carry the same awesome Stats as the one mentioned above! We will keep you updated as we find more, but if your looking to earn that same great payout and service through different internet dating sites check out... Bonus Internet Dating Site #1

Bonus Internet Dating Site #2

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