Internet Dating Affiliate Program #2

Ways To Get Paid:

This Internet Dating Affiliate program may not be as cool looking as the first one, but they provide great turnover ratios and payout options as well..

- You get paid 50% for the intitial sale and 50% for all recurring memberships after

3 Tier Program!

Tier 1
50% payout for initial sale and recurring subscriptions as well!

Tier 2
10% of sales commission from your affiliates that make sales!

Tier 3
5% of sales commissions from your affiliates' affiliates for every sale they make!

Once again a great payout method, the only difference is there's no pay per click or visitor payout like the first one...we can be cool with that though!

Payout Methods

These guys payout through Paypal, but if you dont have an account with them then your money can be sent via check. If you make less than $50 it will be rolled over until that minimum is met before they send you your commissions.

Back Office And Support

Internet Dating Affiliate Program Back Office

We decided to create a quick affiliate sign up and give you a picture of the back office they have. Here are other highlights of this back office that aren't shown in this picture:

- You not only see your click through rates for each year and month, but for each day as well...including and repeated clicks.

- You also get traffic analysis and commission analysis for each month.(including sales made by your referral Affiliates)

- The help you create your own banners, text links needed to get started right away.

-Before you sign up for the program they have an FAQ to answer any questions you may have not discussed here.

Affiliate Home Page

Here's how you get to the affiliate sign up page:

1.Click here to grab the home page! (dont worry it opens a new window)

2. Find the statement on the home page that says "Click here to read about a few of our members success stories from online dating!"

3. Click that statement. The Affiliate sign up page is on the left menu bar under "Webmasters".

4. Review the info, and sign up to start your latest program!

This concludes of Program #2 on Internet Dating Affiliate Programs. One more to go before we finish up this segment.

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