What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Its the moment you have been waiting for. Soon you will learn the definition of affiliate and know what Affiliate Marketing really is.

We have a unique way of explaining things through stories, (sometimes stories that are a little out there...) but its just our unique way of helping you to learn here at our site. Lets get started!

Have You Ever Thrown Your Own Party?

You starting Affiliate Marketing

Lets say that that guy up there...is you. Yep, that's you. You are looking to throw a HUGE party this Friday and you want as many people as you can to show up.

The only problem is you only know 4 people...

Affiliate Marketers

Okay...maybe you are much cooler than you thought. You have Six of your best buds who are there when you need them.

So you call your friends over for a little meet. " Hey guys lets have a party hear at my new house this Friday!"

"Ill have the food, drinks and fun set up all you guys need to do is bring as many people as you can over here! Don't worry ill take care of you guys if you need a place to crash or anything ok?"

Your friends are hyped up and are eager to help. You are providing the goods, so all they have to do is tell as many people as they can. So they start putting out fliers and calling their friends....


Who then start calling their friends...

Who then starts telling their friends...


So by the time friday rolls around...everyone and the dogcatcher knows whats going on at your place friday night.


Just make sure you got the goods to cover for your party! :)

This is an oversimplified example of what affiliate marketing is!

Affiliate Marketing is advertising a product, idea or service for a specific company and getting paid for your marketing skills!

In the example above, the you own the company and the service your putting out on the market is a party. (Its not too tough to get people into that right?)

Your friends are the affiliate marketers. They are getting free...um drinks and stuff, for advertising your party and getting people to your place.

The cool thing about Affiliate marketing just like this party... Many of them are free to sign up with. Its a win-win-win situation because...

-You get paid for advertising!

-Your customers get the product or service they desired!

-The company gets paid as well!

But why would a company do this?

Normally newer companies decide to do this. They understand the importance of name recognition.





and Mario are all names that people know wherever they go!This is what other companies want to do.

With affiliate marketing, it allows companies to advertise in much deeper and wider audiences and have a better chance of getting a sale.

When doing affiliate marketing with other forms of advertising, they can get a better hold on the internet community, which will improve their search engine rank to generate more sales.

Now that you are getting an idea on what is affiliate marketing, lets look at some of the real benefits.

These are what make affiliate marketing different from being the average salesperson for a company and makes this such an easy and fun thing to be a part of!

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