ClickBank Review

This article is basically a Clickbank review as well as a small guide (for those who are interested in using it) all in one! Please use the Contact Us Tab and tell us what you think!

Click Bank Review

When you think "affiliate program" the name Clickbank is one of the first things that comes to mind.

It is one of the largest around with about 10,000+ digital products that range from "How to Make Your House Green" to a chocolate cake recipe that sells for $5.00.(Good thing we arent analyzing each product or this Clickbank review would take forever!)

This is not to say that the big guns don't use Clickbank, because they do. What makes Clickbank the go to place for affiliate marketing is because it's good for whatever you're selling as long as you are selling it online.

Clickbank is totally free to join. All you need is a valid email address and you are free to promote a myriad of products and set up an affiliate program where you can pay others to sell your product for you. So we easily give them a 10 for variety and start-up simplicity on this Clickbank Review.

If you are an affiliate, it is possible to make a nice living off of Clickbank promoting a myriad of products in a number of niches.

It pays on a percentage of the sale set by the vendor, and most times that percentage ranges from 50% to 75% of each sale. If you promote a $50.00 product, your commission will be $25.00 per sale at only 50%.

In order to be successful making money online with Clickbank, there are some basic things you need to understand.

First, not all of Clickbank's products are equal in quality, so you will need to do some research prior to going with an affiliate program.

The last thing you want to do is promote a product on your website that is junk. That will cause you to lose credibility with your clients. Because they don't go through each product to keep the junk out of their site, we suggest using this Clickbank review as a guide for finding the best products.

Thousands of products to choose from!

While there are 10,000+ products, you should pick quality products that fit your niche or are universal. An example of a universal product would a registry fixer.

Regisrty Editor

Everybody who has a computer needs to keep their registry clean so there is a good chance that you would make sales.

Tips for picking a good program

Go to Clickbank and click on the Marketplace tab. Products are broken down by niches, so type in the niche you will want to search for based on popularity in the keywords box.

ClickBank Marketplace

The next page will show you the list of Products for the keywords you typed in.So for our example here, we used registry fixer and here is the list we got back.

ClickBank Review 3

Click on the "view pitch page" link to view the pitch page and see if you like the layout, product and pricing structure.

Under each Clickbank product you will see % of total sale, % referred, and a gravity score. If a product has a gravity score of 50 or higher, it is probably a good product to promote.

Gravity is another word for popularity based on the number of affiliates who have been selling the product successfully.

While gravity over 50 is good, you will want to avoid products that are scored extremely high as well. While it is a popular product, it also means that you will be competing with a ton of people trying to sell it.

You will also want to look for a product that has a referral percentage of at least 70% and a product that makes over $12 - $13 dollars per sale.

When promoting a product, always remember that you will get the same percentage of conversion generally if you are spelling a more expensive price versus a cheaper one. So, if you are going to promote a product, why not promote one that makes you more money rather than less.

In summary, when looking at Clickbank products, you will want to:

- Gravity (Popularity of product) = 50+ but not too high

-Referral percentage = Not less than 70%

-Commissions = No less than $12 - $13 per sale

- Product = something in your niche or a universal product

- Universal Product = A product everybody would use like computer software, anti-virus, ad ware, etc.

So in conclusion, on a scale of 1-10, we will give Clickbank a 9 overall. Its a great affiliate network to start off with since everyone knows them and they have been around for some time now. If your up for something new you should check out our article on a new affiliate directory.... Click2Sell!

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