Internet Dating Affiliate Program #3

Ways To Get Paid:

The payout is a little different than the previous two, so we figured we'd cut the ways to get paid from the program so you can see for yourself!

Ways To Get Paid Doing Affiliate Marketing

*** Note how you only get paid on the initial sale! Not on recurring sales or anything like that...just another reason why this one stayed at 3rd. We may find a better one down the road here soon!***

Payout Methods

If you haven't noticed through clicking on the link hidden in the payout methods, the minimum payout is $50, once a month, via paypal or check.

Another big thing is you have to request the payout in order to receive it! Don't forget this or you'll be wondering where your money is until you recollect your memory!

Back Office And Support

The back office is nothing close to spectacular...however, it carries the bare minimum someone may need to become are your options once you've logged in:

Main- This section just tells you the basics: Name, Email, Affiliate ID, your link code, how much you've earned, commissions due and how much you've already been paid.

Statistics- This section tells shows you your progress for the last 60 days, 20 months and what has already been paid out to you.

Account Info- Shows you the same info you put in when you originally signed up. Here's your chance to change any mistakes made before...

Get Links Code-Gives you three different link codes for the 3 different payout methods...thats right you don't get all 3 payment methods from one link like the others, you will need to strategize to make the most possible!

Logout- Of course allows you to log out of your back office.

If you hit the Contact Us tab at the top of your back office, it will lead you to their FAQ and their support. Any questions asked to them via email should be responded to within 24 hours.

Affiliate Sign Up Page

Click here to Sign up for this program. This link leads straight to the Affiliate sign up page, which will show the payout methods section mentioned above. This one isn't all that bad, but we definitely recommend the other two before trying this one. They have more tools for your success!

This concludes our Top 3 Internet Dating Affiliate Programs!

Even though we finished mentioning the ones we believe to be the top 3, we thought it wouldn't hurt to show other Internet Dating Affiliate Programs that we found but just didn't make the cut!

We didn't make a full report on them, but we did provide the link and a little info on each one, so you can check them out for yourself!

This list will keep growing and changing so come back often to see and also to suggest some other Internet Dating Affiliate Programs we may have missed by using our "Contact Us" Tab!

Live Date Search

-Current methods of pay is Paypal and Webmoney weekly.

-Ways to Get Paid:PPC depends on quality of traffic brought in

-from $.01 up to $2 for each free sign up;50% payout for all sales; 5% second tier with unlimited levels!

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