Pay Per Call Basics

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What is Pay Per Call and How Does it Work?

Pay Per Call Basics

Pay Per Call is the least popular out of the 4 types of affiliate programs out today. There are still a few who use it, but thanks to internet and email addresses, Pay Per Lead is covering this aspect as well.

Nonetheless, Pay Per Call is where you get paid for every person who calls the company through you. The trick now is how do they know you referred that person?

There are a few ways companies like to do this and we will go over a few:

1) Just like the unique affiliate link you get that represents your sales in a Pay Per Click program, you will have a pin code that the prospect will have to enter when they call the number you provide them with. That number the prospect puts in is then logged and you will receive commission based on the company's payout date(s).

2) Another option is an automated answering service. The prospect will be speaking with a automated answering service when he or she calls and there will be a point where it asks to say the name of the person who they got this information from. Once spoken, it will be logged and you will receive commission for that call.

3) Our final option we will mention is simply where the prospect will get a hold of your program manager. From there the program manager will ask this information over the phone and hopefully, your name or where the prospect received the information from will be listed.

Even though we listed these here, there are other ways of doing this as well, these are just some of the widely known options people use today. Now lets get into some pros and cons of Pay Per Click.

Pros of Pay Per Click

Never worry about the sale!- All you need to do is lead the prospect to the phone number. Once they make that call, you are done. Let the sales manager do the rest of the convincing to get the sale.

Earn Residual Income from completed Sales- Whats great is that many companies will let you get extra commission if the sale is made. In addition to this, insurance and loan companies for example, can give you commissions for the life of the customer. This leads to residual income by simply providing the info needed.

A new way of Pay Per Call is becoming available!- Thats right we said it! Many officials believe Click per call will be whats hot by 2009. This convert those who surf the internet by allowing them to click an ad in order to get the phone number that they want to call. Making our part in affiliate marketing even easier!

The Cons

Problems getting prospects to make the call- Why would they need to call someone to get more information, when they have the whole internet at their disposal to find what they need?

Problems tracking your results- If you are doing this through a site, how do you know who's calling, who's not and how do you verify that the company is giving you the correct number of leads they are supposed to? If you don't look into the rules and regulations carefully, you could fall into a scam.

While these may be some problems that are indeed questionable, doing your research on the company and following some advice from fellow affiliate marketers will hopefully bring up your confidence towards pay per call affiliate programs.

Key To Success

In order to be successful, you must be able to create several things in the content you are presenting:

A burning desire- You must know what your audience thrives for and make it bigger than life. They must feel that calling that number will be the answer to the all of their hopes and dreams. If not, then they may pass up the deal of a lifetime.

Sense of Urgency- Not only is this info the most important thing that they will need, but in order to catch this window of opportunity they must act NOW! Not in five minutes, or tomorrow but at that moment.

If not then, they will more than likely forget and continue to master the art of procrastination.

How this can help your audience- This is hands down the most important of the three items mentioned. If they dont see how it will make their life better or easier, how can the burning desire be created? Know the true benefits your audience is seeking and pour this into your content, making sure you hit every benefit your product or service provides.

These things are essential for all of the affiliate program types but especially for this one because you will be trying to get many people to stop searching the internet in order to call a phone number that can solve their problems.

This concludes of our article on Pay Par Call basics. We hope that you got what you needed out of this article.

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