Pay Per Click Advertising:
Breaking It Down

Welcome to another 101 article on Affiliate marketing. This one is on Pay Per Click Advertising for new affiliate marketers.

Our goal is for you to have an understanding on what it is, how it works, and the pros and cons for pay per click advertising affiliate programs.

What is Pay Per Click?

Basically Pay Per Click is as the name implies, you are getting paid for each time someone clicks your Affiliate link.

If you need better, more specific details on affiliate programs read this article on How Affiliate programs Work!

Pay Per Click is one of the easiest ways of making money. But even though its one of the easiest, there are some issues that may bother some soon to be affiliate marketers. Lets look at some of the Pros and Cons.

The Pros

The Easiest Way to Get Paid Online!

So i gave away the first one a few lines ago. Pay per click is one of the easiest ways of getting paid! You don't need to do too much to get the click.

The affiliate programs gives you the unique link, they carry the website that shows the product, some even create some articles, landing pages and videos to help you out!

You dont have to have a web page or pay for anything, since affiliate programs are free. It wouldn't hurt to gain a little knowledge in internet marketing and HTML.

Pay per click advertising has never been easier!All you have to do is find a way for your link to be seen!Don't worry we'll soon be providing tons of tips to get you up and running in no time!

Many affiliate programs offer this kind of pay!

The ones that tend to need the most clicks are... dating affiliate programs! Most affiliate managers who use this method feel that once someone enters the site they wont be able to resist the temptation to purchase their product.

There are multiple ways of doing this including free memberships, a free trial of the product, a great money back guarantee, ect.

So since pay per click advertising is the easiest way to get paid online and many programs offer it, it wont take long to become a multi millionaire ...right?

Well lets look at the Cons of pay per click...

The Cons

Check out the smallest form of affiliate pay!

Its not necessarily a bad thing, but couldn't it be better?

Starting from two cents per click, it will take many clicks to have pay per click replace your current day matter where you work!

If you are looking to only do this type of affiliate marketing, and you aren't caring about the niche, do some research and see which ones will pay out the most per click.

Its not really impossible to make money this way, but there's something else that may scare you away...

Competition is a Killer!

When it comes to advertising for a specific product or even that affiliate program, if you aren't the first in that new product, you will have a ton of competition!

What will you do so unique and special that will make someone want to click your link as opposed to the competition?

Will your headline be eye grabbing? What additional benefits does your product offer that puts you on top?

Where will you place your links that will give you the most traffic?

All of these questions and more are things you must consider when doing any affiliate marketing.

Good thing you just need that first click. You don't have to worry about grabbing the sale like other programs.

So lets get into a few tips that will help you out when your doing affiliate marketing off of strictly Pay Per Click!

Follow the Hottest Trends and Affiliate programs for them!

Halo 3, Tickle Me Elmo, Air Force Ones, and even the dot com boom were all trends that has swept the nation (and some even the world!)at one point and time.

Being a part of these trends and affiliate programs that roll with them can be a good strategy if timed right. Keep in touch with whats hot and be ready to jump on it if this is the way you choose to do business.

Finding a great niche thats always in demand works as well, and it can be something you can also have going for you while you are running with the latest trends.

Do research on how to write effective headlines!

If you don't have your link even posted, thats one thing. But if you have your link in the public but its not generating any clicks, its just like not having it out at all.

Writing effecting attention grabbing headlines are what you need to get that initial click, no matter if your writing a blog, in a forum, or on a flyer.

If your headline doesn't arouse some type of interest or curiosity in the individual reading it, you simply wont get the click. This is an must for pay per click advertising!

Learn where traffic goes for the product or service you are advertising.

Ok so you know how to write effective headlines that people love to click! But if no one is finding your link to your XBOX360 because your link is located in a bathroom supplies directory, it wont do any good.

This will take a little time to get used to, and maybe even more work to get into the right spots, but once you do, it will be well worth it.

Submitting articles to multiple article directories such as Ezine articles, forums like E Wealth and getting involved in social bookmarking are a few ways to get your link placed in high traffic areas.

You should grab more research pertaining to your specific product in order to find out where to place your links.

Find a way to streamline and automate your process!

Once you have started making some decent money on one program, grab similar affiliate programs, duplicate your process and see how this can continue in an automated fashion.

Items such as Instant Buzz , which places your link on other people's browser for free, and Directory Submitter , which submits your article to over 1500 directories, are great tools that can help automate your process.

This in turn will give you the free time to spend doing what you love doing, while your account grows.

Utilizing these tips along with others can have you becoming a guru at affiliate marketing in well under a year.

This concludes our segment on Pay Per Click Advertising breakdown for Affiliate Marketers!

For those of you looking to see which type(s) of programs is right for you, if this is you last article on this subject, please read our article on Affiliate Marketing Scams to get an great tips on what programs to stay away from.

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